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Climate change poses one of the greatest threats to life on Earth. All the evidence suggests that mankind’s activities are influencing the climate at a rate which will not allow species to adapt and so many species face extinction with unknown consequences for biodiversity and preservation of the food web.

Additional multi-lingual resources were created by partners from 8 European countries in a previous European funded Intelligent Energy Europe project called Kyoto in the Home between 2006 and 2008. These resources and activities can still contribute to an understanding of these global concerns and what actions we can do locally to limit a changing climate.

Kyoto in home (KITH)
A handbook of resources and activities which relate to small scale renewable energy sources and passive solar techniques which can be attached to the home. Some activities are suitable for primary and some for secondary schools. These resources also exist in Estonian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian and Greek refer

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Type of resouces:CD-ROM, printed teacher handbook, but only in Hungarian and Romanian languages

Green Pack
This environmental resource was produced by the Regional Environmental Centre, Szentendre, Hungary in many European languages – it was extended during the KITH project by adding 4 chapters on energy generation and use and provides resources and activities suitable for secondary schools. These resources also exist in Slovak, Czech, Estonian, Polish and Russian -

This is an interactive game for a small group of students which enables the team to construct a sustainable energy community for a specified population size within a series of cost, environmental and energy limits. It is suitable for secondary schools from age of 13 upwards and should be used only after the concept of sustainability has been discussed within the class.
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