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Carbon emissions associated with energy use in and around the home in the UK

Direct and indirect emissions

The average energy use and carbon emissions per person for direct and indirect emissions is listed in Table. From this it can be seen the indirect energy use is approximately half that of the direct emissions.

Average energy use (kWh) and carbon emissions (kg CO2) per person per year in the UK

emissions (kWh) kg CO2
direct 20680 6300
indirect 116405300

Thus on average, each person in the UK is responsible for the equivalent of 11.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide which includes both the direct and indirect emissions associated with energy usage.

Reducing our indirect emissions is best achieved by buying products produced or manufactured locally.

Calculating your carbon footprint

Many websites offer tools to help you measure your carbon footprint. Most focus on direct emissions such as energy bills and fuel consumption while ignoring indirect emissions associated with products and services.

Sites worth exploring are –



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