School activities

A small number of activities have been developed and trialled as part of activity days organised by the CwC network. These activities cover topics from climate science to adaptation in a changing climate.

The resources accompanying these activities are concise and teachers may need to supplement these with information from one of the three sets of resources described below.

To download the activities listed in the table below, click on the title. As these files are in Word format, it is possible to adapt the tasks and work sheets where necessary.

Title Age range National curriculum subjects
1 Energy use over past 100 years (pdf)
9 – 12 science, citizenship, geography, PSHE
2 Carbon footprint (pdf)
11 – 18 geography, chemistry, biology
3 A day without energy (pdf)
10 – 16 geography, citizenship
4 Central versus local production of electricity (pdf)
11+ science, technology, geography
5 Potential for passive solar (pdf)
11 – 18 physics, technology
6 Solar roofs (pdf)
11 – 18 physics, geography
7 Glacier melting (pdf)
16 – 18 geography
8 Geothermal heating using heat pumps (pdf)
15 – 18 physics, geography
9 Extreme weather events (pdf)
14 – 18 citizenship, geography
10 Postcards (pdf)
8 – 14 citizenship, geography




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