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Figure 2: EU energy label for lamps

Phasing out of incandescent lamps
Agreement has been reached at EU level to phase out the use of incandescent lamps over a period of three years. The phase-out dates are listed in Table 2.

Table 2: Phase out dates for incandescent lamps

Saving money and the environment
Low energy lamps, i.e. lamps with high efficiency, can save substantial amounts of electricity, money and the environment. A typical dwelling might have 8-15 lamps with average brightness 400 -1,200 lumens, a power rating of 40 – 100 watts and 800 hours usage a year. Taking the mid point of these values, annual energy consumption with incandescent lamps would be
12 x 800 x 75 = 720 kWh
With a unit price of 15 €cents/kWh, the annual cost would be 720 x 0.15 = 108€

With low energy lamps like CFLs, the annual savings per house could be 80% and the annual electricity saving 86€.

Aggregated nationally the annual electricity savings would amount to
0.576 x 20 X 106 = 11.52 TWh/year
equivalent to the output of at least four 1 GW(e) power stations.

With an EU average of 0.5 kg CO2/kWh, the annual carbon savings would be 288 kg CO<sub>2</sub>/household/year. For the UK, France, Italy and Spain which have a similar number of households (ca 20 million), this would result in CO<sub>2</sub> savings of 5.76 M tonnes per country.

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