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Sustainable energy use
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Other ways of using energy more efficiently include –

  • Buying more efficient appliances when existing appliances need replacing
  • Washing clothes or dishes for a longer time at lower temperatures
  • When cooking, a microwave oven can save energy as the heating process is more efficient for certain types of food and recipes
  • Cooking larger portions so that there will be sufficient food for two meals rather than one
  • Taking a shower rather than a bath

Compile a list of your daily activities which use energy.

Compare your usage with other persons and decide how you could use less energy?

How does your energy use compare with your grandparents when they were your age? What are the major differences?

Can you consider walking, cycling or using public transport to travel to school?

Visit a shop selling electrical appliances and note the efficiency of the various appliances. Then calculate how much energy you could save per year by using the most rather than the least efficient models?

If you have a garden consider growing your own fruit and vegetables thereby decreasing food ‘miles’ associated with transporting and distributing such items.



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