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Using less energy

As described in the carbon footprint section, in the UK space heating consumes the largest amount of energy in the home and water heating and electricity much less. It is therefore cost effective to increase the level of thermal insulation as discussed in the section on heat flow in buildngs

In countries further north, more energy might be consumed because of the more extreme climate while in countries to the south, less energy will be required.

 Energy use, European style (Jan Smolik)

In order to reduce our own energy consumption, each of us has to consider how and where we use energy.
This is illustrated in the adjoining sketch of a living room with its energy consuming appliances such as lighting, TV, radio and heating.
Energy use, European style (Jan Smolik)

Possible actions to reduce such energy use include –

  • switching off lights when leaving a room
  • switching off appliances not being used at the mains rather than the remote
  • check that your refrigerator is operating at the correct temperature (typically 50C) using a fridge thermometer
  • install thermostatic valves on each radiator so that the appropriate temperature can be set in each room
  • wash clothes and dishes only when you have a full load
  • reading a book rather than watching the television

If you had a garden, you should also consider growing your own fruit and vegetables thereby decreasing the ‘food miles’ associated with transporting and distributing such items.

? Survey your energy use over one day and identify where you could save energy?



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