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Extreme weather

One of the predictions of climate modelling is the increase in extreme weather events being encountered world wide. Such events now include –

From analysing growth rings on ancient oak trees, scientists have concluded that droughts and heat waves being experienced since 2014 could be the most extreme for more than 2000 years. Such conditions are having severe impacts on agriculture, eco systems and forestry.
[Guardian 16/03/21]

Parts of these countries have had very heavy rainfall resulting in severe flooding, extensive damage to infrastructure, loss of crops and even lives.
[Guardian 22/07/21]

Torrential rain has resulted in severe flooding in Henan province when one year’s worth of rail fell in 3 days. 1.2 million people were affected by the floods and it was reported that such floods had not been seen in the preceding 1000 years.
[Guardian 22/07/21]

Smoke from forest fires in the Western states, caused by severe droughts and lightning strikes, has been detected 3000 kms away in New York State resulting in very poor air quality.

As extreme events become more frequent, it could be devastating for societies as a whole.

Amazon rain forest becomes a source

Tropical forests have always been regarded as an important sink for carbon emissions associated with burning fossil fuels. However most recent studies show that most of the emissions are caused by fires in order to clear the land for beef and soy production.
However even in areas without fires, emissions were rising due to deforestation. Fewer trees resulted in less rain and higher temperatures affecting tree growth during the dry season.
>> A global agreement was therefore required to save the Amazon rain forest and thereby limit climate change.
[Guardian 15/07/21]



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