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Renewable energy
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Attaching renewable sources to a building

With renewable energy technologies, it is possible to install a number of these in the same building as is illustrated below. In future many buildings will be equipped with one or more of these energy sources which are described in more detail in the following sections.

renewable energy technologies

Do many houses in your town have solar panels on their roofs?
Is your roof orientated SE to SW so that at some future time solar panels could be fitted?
Have you seen wind turbines and are there any wind turbines locally? Iif not, why not?
What do you think is needed to convert from fossil fuels to renewables sources in your community?

KITH # Activity Age range
3.5   Renewable energy potential of your school   
  Science, geography
 9 – 18 
3.6   Centralised and local energy production   
  Science, technology, geography
 11 – 15  



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