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SDG Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Our planet is unique amongst objects in our solar system in that it is multi-coloured and these colours change systematically each year at the same time. Hence any observer looking down at us from outer space will conclude that our climate does change with the season and that there are living species on our planet. We therefore need to look after our climate for there is nowhere else to go.

However the Earth’s climate is undergoing change due to the ever increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the upper atmosphere associated primarily with the use of fossil fuels.

The way forward lies with each of us to -

  • Use less energy
  • Use energy more efficiently
  • Change energy sources from fossil fuels to renewable energies whose usage does not result in the formation of greenhouse gases.

The economic argument for investing in low carbon measures now is to ensure a sustainable future for our planet as described in some detail by Nicholas Stern in his book ‘Blueprint for a Safer Planet’. Stern argues that in the light of current climate projections and increase in extreme weather events, there is the strong possibility of irreversible changes in climate in the near future that could affect our generation. So to prevent such a possibility requires immediate actions as a kind of insurance against future unpredictable changes in the climate.

These explanatory notes are aimed at creating awareness of the environmental impact of energy usage in our homes and how we can limit this impact. These notes are not exhaustive and in the section on external resources many other sources are listed.

There are also links to the educational resources and activities developed and trialled by the Changing with the Climate network which are suitable for primary and secondary students.

Limiting climate change by thinking globally and acting locally

renewable energy - home
Illustration of renewable energy sources attached to the home(Jan Smolik)



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