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Energy sources and environmental impacts

Resource: Energy path
Language: ES, EN, FR, IT
Subject: energy, renewable energies, energy efficiency, transport
Age: 13 – 15 years old
Other: website with several resources (quiz, activities, experiments, information, and glossary) about the 4 subjects mentioned above
Website: →e-learning →select your country

Sustainable use of energy

Resource: Energy Game
Language: EN
Subject: Electricity saving
Age: 10 years old
Other: Online PC game whose goal is to switch off the lights that turns on in a village

Resource: Reduce energy
Language: EN
Subject: Energy saving at home
Age: 10 years old
Other: Animation with tips to understand how energy can be saved at home

Resource: Impronta ecologica
Language: DE, EN, ES, FR, IT
Subject: impronta ecologica
Age: 12 – 19 years old
Other: ability to calculate their personal footprint

Resource: Impronta idrica
Language: IT, EN
Subject: uses and water consumption
Age: 11 – 19 years old
Other: opportunity to integrate energy consumption with the consumption of water
Website: (

Resource: Enercities 

Language: EN
Subject: climate change, CO2 emissions, sustainability, energy efficiency
Age: 10 – 15 years old
Other: Online PC game whose main goal is to create a city under sustainable criteria (limited CO2 emissions and wastes, use of renewable energies, etc). This allows students to link causes and effects of climate change.

Efficient use of energy

Resource: Powersaver
Language: all EU languages
Subject: electricity saving
Age: 10 – 15 years old
Other: Animation that explains the electricity wasting of computers and suggests how to save some.

Resource: European Citizens Climate Cup (ECCC)
Language: EN, CAT, ES, IT, GR, BG, DA, DE
Subject: climate change, CO2 emissions, sustainability, energy efficiency
Age: 15 years old
Other: competition based on the energy consumption at home. Participants have one year to implement in their own houses strategies and measures to reduce their overall energy consumption. Students can ask for gas and electricity invoices to their parents and participate to the competition, while raising their awareness about how reducing energy consumption.

Resource: INTENSE
Language: EN, BG, CZ, DE, EE, HR, HU, LT, LV, PL, RO, SL, SK
Subject: How to save energy at home? (insulation, ventilation)
Age: 12-18 years old
Other: CD-ROM, website, video



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