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Context of SDGs
This table summarises briefly the context of each of the SDGs

Sustainable development goal context
Sustainable development Helping others in need and leaving no one behind
Limiting climate change Limiting the rise in average global temperature to 1.5 C to avoid irreversible changes in climate
Using energy sustainably Reducing our own energy usage and converting from using fossil fuels to local renewable energy sources wherever possible
Ending poverty Ensuring all can access basic human needs such as food, clean water and energy
Ending hunger Improving food distribution and reducing poverty so food is available to all
Ensuring heathy lives Providing access to food and clean water, shelter and medical treatment when needed
Sustaining terrestrial ecosystems Preserving ecosystems to sustain species and promote biodiversity
Conserving marine resources Sustaining biodiversity to preserve species and preventing oceans becoming more acidic by limiting greenhouse gas emissions
Accessing clean water Increasing access to clean water and thereby reducing exposure to water borne diseases
Providing inclusive education Ensuring that education is available for all including opportunities for life long learning
AAchieving gender equality Recognising that all can contribute to their local communiy including caring for others both young and old
Consuming sustainably Consuming food sustainably to ensure that there is sufficient food for other who still go hungry
Promoting sustainable settlements Developing settlements which preserve biodiversity and use energy and resources in a sustainable way
Building resilient infrastructure Creating infrastructure which will be resilient to changes in climate and extreme weather events
Reducing inequality within and between countries Creating infrastructure which will be resilient to changes in climate and extreme weather events
Promoting sustainable economic growth Creating work which uses energy and resources in a sustainable way
Promoting peaceful and inclusive societies Reducing causes of conflict and helping refugees who have had to leave their homes because of warfare or changes in the environment
Creating global partnerships Increasing the number of global partnerships like Scouts for



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